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Chakrol Aluminum Complex Grease

Chakrol Alucom Greases are premium quality aluminum complex greases designed for low speed heavy load operations with high operating temperatures. It has high drop point of more than 250 degrees Celsius, good thermal stability, offers very high degree of resistance to water wash out and protection against rust & corrosion.

Chakrol Alucom Greases are recommended for all classes of service in automotive and industrial bearing lubrication viz. in Steel Mills, Paper Wet Section Rolls, Crusher Bearings, De-Watering Press Bearings, Bucket Wheel Excavators.

Note: This grease if being used for the first time, check compatibility with the grease applied previously and if necessary purge the bearings prior to application. Take care not to over pack the bearing with lubricant. Apply the quantity of grease as recommended by the bearing manufacturer.

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